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      San-Ei Seiko(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

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      • Name:San-Ei Seiko(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
      • Address:No.333 Xinke Road.Qingpu
              Industrial Zone Shanghai China
      • Investor:San-Ei Seiko Co.,Ltd.
      • Registered Capital:$8.5 million
      • Total Investment Amount:$19.5 million
      • Chairman:Hayashi Satoshi
      • General Manager:Ito Hironao
      • ISO Certification:ISO9001    ISO14001


      The company mainly produces high-precision compressor swing bush and vanes, and mainly sells air conditioner compressor swing bush, vanes, cutting tools, PS vanes and so on.

      Swing Bush

      The products are made of high-speed steel SKH9(SKH51) imported from Japan.


      The materials are diversified, mainly including stainless steel, high-speed steel and powder metallurgy materials.


      Both truing and dressing can now be easily accomplished by this new dresser(X-Power) without dismounting the wheel.

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      Equipment and Instruments

      The company provides high precision grinding and machining, heat treatment for all kinds of steel and cold machining services for metal parts. Welcome to inquire!